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Helping You Get Full And Fair Compensation After A Motorcycle Accident

While motorcycle accidents can be caused by rider errors or by the reckless actions of other drivers on the road, in some cases, road hazards can create dangerous roadway conditions that:

  • Can require motorcycle riders to quickly stop or turn their motorcycles to try to avoid an accident
  • Can cause riders to lose control of their motorcycles
  • Can increase the risk that motorcycle equipment (like tires and brakes) fails to properly function
  • Can ultimately increase the risk of serious motorcycle accidents

Types Of Road Hazards

Some specific types of road hazards that can result in motorcycle accidents include (but are not limited to):

  • Poorly or improperly maintained roads – These can include pot holes, uncovered man holes and/or poorly paved roadways. Additionally, poorly maintained roads that lack adequate night lighting, proper signage or working signals can also increase the risk of serious motorcycle accidents.
  • Construction sites – These can include construction equipment in the roadway, gravel or debris left in the road and pooling water or other liquids left in the road. Additionally, construction sites can create dangerous roadway conditions if they fail to leave shoulders on the roads (where broken down vehicles can pull off) and/or if they do not provide clearly visible detour routes.
  • Objects in the road – These can include live or dead animals in the roadways, as well as debris that has fallen off of cars or that has been left in the road after a car accident. Hitting such objects in the road can make it especially difficult for riders to maintain control of their motorcycles, thereby increasing the risk of an accident.
  • Poor weather conditions – Nasty weather can create icy or slick roads and can significantly reduce a rider’s ability to see when it may be pouring rain or there is a thick cloud cover.

Road Hazards: Who Is Responsible For Them?

When road hazards have been created by some type of human error and could have been prevented if not for the negligence or recklessness of another person or party, that party can be held liable for compensating those who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. While the city, county or private party responsible for upkeep of a road can be held legally liable if a poorly maintained roadway has caused a motorcycle accident, the construction company or engineer responsible for a construction site may be named the defendant in a motorcycle accident lawsuit if the site created the road hazard (and, in turn, caused the motorcycle accident) in question.

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