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How to talk to your doctor about long-term disability

If you’re waiting for your doctor to tell you that it’s time to file for long-term disability (LTD) benefits, don’t hold your breath. The vast majority of physicians won’t broach the subject with their patients simply because they figure the patient will tell them when…

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Sleep disorders can qualify as disabilities

There are many different sleep disorders that people suffer from, which can dramatically impact their quality of life. Some of these can even be dangerous and can have fatal consequences if not treated properly. But even those that don’t generally lead to fatal incidents can…

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Can back problems become disabling?

A sore neck, lower back pain or back stiffness can all be early signs of an underlying spinal disorder. This can prove not only harmful to your health but can cause a multitude of struggles in your everyday life. Over time, additional conditions could develop…

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What is a life insurance waiver of premium?

Having life insurance is crucial if you want to protect your family from financial struggle in the event of your unexpected death. A life insurance policy will ensure your family members receive a sum of money when you pass away, as long as you comply…

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What kinds of back problems can qualify you for disability?

Back pain is a part of life. Some experts believe that up to 80% of people will experience some form of back pain at some point in their lives. But if you suffer from intense, constant and debilitating back pain, it’s a different story. Some…

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Will my long-term disability insurance cover mental health?

The importance of good mental health has become a hot topic in recent years. Many employers and schools are now approaching mental health in the same way they do physical health. But are insurance companies doing the same, especially when it comes to claiming disability?…

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