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Sleep disorders can qualify as disabilities

Shawn E. McDermott

There are many different sleep disorders that people suffer from, which can dramatically impact their quality of life. Some of these can even be dangerous and can have fatal consequences if not treated properly. But even those that don’t generally lead to fatal incidents can make it impossible for someone to work or live the life that they wish they could live.

What types of disorders could qualify as disabilities? Let’s look at a few of them below, although this is certainly not an exhaustive list, so it’s worth considering your options regardless of your disorder.


The Mayo Clinic notes that can lead to “sudden attacks of sleep.” This can make it impossible for someone to drive a motor vehicle, use heavy equipment or do other things of this nature. But narcolepsy can also just lead to chronic fatigue and drowsiness, which can impact any job.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, someone who has insomnia finds it very difficult to sleep at all. Even in minor cases, this can lead to excessive drowsiness on the job. But extensive insomnia can also lead to issues like hallucinations.

Sleep apnea

A third disorder is known as obstructive sleep apnea. This is one that can actually turn fatal in some cases. Sleep apnea means that someone’s ability to breathe while sleeping is disrupted. This can cause their airway to close, which may wake them up, but it can also have very severe consequences.

Are you facing a disability denial?

You may know that you have a disorder that certainly should count as a disability, but you may be facing a denial to get the benefits that you need. This happens far too often, and it’s very important for you to understand exactly what legal steps you can take.

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