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Is appealing denied short-term disability benefits worth it?

The prospect of appealing denied short-term disability benefits may initially seem like a daunting and potentially exhausting process, especially because if you’ve applied for benefits, you are dealing with serious health issues. However, pursuing an appeal is often worth the effort for several reasons. Depending…

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Understanding the length of short-term disability

Many people can’t help but take time off when they’ve suffered a medical issue. This can create a lot of issues, especially if the person suffering from a medical condition is the primary wage earner for their household. Many people can’t afford to take any…

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Can you travel while you’re getting disability benefits?

If you’re using your short-term disability (STD) or long-term disability (LTD) benefits to take time off work to recover from an injury or surgery, you may assume that you will need to cancel any planned vacation and certainly not make any new plans while you’re…

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Do pregnancy complications qualify as a disability?

Pregnancy can be pretty rough on the human body, but is it necessarily disabling? It may be. While every short-term disability policy has its own terms, pregnancy complications often qualify for benefits. After all, pregnancy is a medical condition, and short-term disability (STD) policies are…

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How long do short-term disability benefits last?

Being away from work, even for a few days, can be a source of hardship for many people. Most adult wage-earners do not have enough savings to offset a lengthy loss of income. Instead, many households may only have enough to pay a month or…

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What qualifies as a short-term disability (STD)?

Many employers offer short-term disability (STD), a type of insurance that pays a portion of an employee’s salary when they are temporarily unable to work. STD benefits are payable at about 50%-100% of someone’s pre-disability earnings. These benefits are either covered by an employer or…

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