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Is appealing denied short-term disability benefits worth it?

Shawn E. McDermott

The prospect of appealing denied short-term disability benefits may initially seem like a daunting and potentially exhausting process, especially because if you’ve applied for benefits, you are dealing with serious health issues. However, pursuing an appeal is often worth the effort for several reasons.

Depending on your circumstances, short-term disability benefits can provide consequential financial support during a period when you are unable to work due to illness or injury. This support may be essential for maintaining financial stability and ensuring that you can focus on recovery without the added stress of financial strain. If you don’t appeal a denied claim, you won’t have the opportunity to benefit from short-term compensation in these ways.

Appeals are an unfortunate necessity for many people

Denials can sometimes occur as a result of relatively straightforward errors on the part of insurers or oversights in the application process, such as missing documentation or misinterpretation of your medical condition. An appeal provides an opportunity to correct these mistakes and/or present your case more accurately. By carefully reviewing the reasons for denial and addressing them directly, you can significantly improve your chances of having an unfavorable decision overturned.

If submitting additional evidence that supports your claim can help, the appeals process will allow you to do so. This might include more detailed medical records, letters from your healthcare providers clarifying the nature and severity of your condition or new information that was not available during the initial application. This extra documentation can potentially be crucial in demonstrating your eligibility for benefits.

Insurance companies are obligated to consider appeals thoroughly and fairly, following the guidelines established by law. Depending on the ins and outs of your situation, you may have opportunities for further legal recourse. Seeking personalized legal guidance can sometimes lead to a more favorable outcome.

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