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Is your insurer acting in bad faith?

As a policyholder, you expect the insurer to make good on their promise to cover your expenses when you need them to. After all, you have been paying insurance premiums faithfully as stipulated by the policy. However, it is not always smooth sailing. Some insurers…

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Should insurance cover the loss of a limb?

In many industries, the loss of a limb through an accidental amputation could mean that an individual will never be able to work in their career again. They may have had a physical job that they cannot do after the fact, but it doesn’t even…

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What if your insurance company ignores you?

You feel like it should be easy to contact your insurance company and file a claim. After that, they should get in touch with you and tell you if they are accepting or denying that claim. You obviously believe that they should accept it, but…

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3 common tactics used by deceptive disability insurance companies

You may have been paying your disability insurance premiums without fail, expecting that you will be covered if you are injured or too sick to work. However, it may not be the case. The insurance company may play hardball when it is time to meet…

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How to recognize a bad faith denial

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance puts two opposing interests against each other. On the one side, it is a person in need of benefits to continue after becoming disabled. On the other is their insurance company who would like to pay as little as possible. The…

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