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3 types of distracted driving

When it comes to distracted driving, texting and driving is perhaps the most well-known issue. Drivers need to stay focused on the road, and using a phone prevents them from doing that, even if they believe they can multitask and drive safely. But why is…

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5 common causes of car crashes

Car accidents happen every day. It’s estimated that nearly 15 million accidents happen a year, which amounts to over 30 thousand accidents a day. Of those 15 million auto accidents, almost 50 thousand of them are fatal. A single driver may only see a handful…

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Fatal car accident totals climb yet again

Car accident fatalities were a major issue in the 1970s, leading to changes in safety standards. Additionally, safety technology for vehicles has developed significantly over the last 50 years. As a result, the general trend in fatal accidents since that time has been a decline.…

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Can you still get compensation for non-catastrophic injuries?

Even a simple broken arm seems catastrophic when it impacts your well-being and ability to earn. However, insurance companies and even courts might not share the opinion that your injury is catastrophic. Rest assured that you can get the settlement you deserve even when those…

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It’s vital to seek medical care after a road traffic collision

If you are involved in a car accident, it can be a stressful situation. After the accident, you may not feel any immediate aches or pains and decide to pass on medical treatment. This isn’t a smart move. There are more than a few reasons…

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Why do dog bites get infected?

A dog bite that becomes infected can become incredibly serious. It can lead to a fever or further complications, such as sepsis. In some cases, an infection is so bad that it leads to a long hospital stay or the sickness can even become fatal.…

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