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5 common causes of car crashes

Shawn E. McDermott

Car accidents happen every day. It’s estimated that nearly 15 million accidents happen a year, which amounts to over 30 thousand accidents a day. Of those 15 million auto accidents, almost 50 thousand of them are fatal.

A single driver may only see a handful of car accidents in their life. Studies have shown that a driver has a 77% chance of being in an auto accident during their life. Why do so many car accidents happen? Here’s what you should know:

1. Drunk driving

Drunk driving is a large cause of auto accidents. Alcohol lowers people’s ability to focus and make sound judgments. A drunk driver is likely to sleep, run lights or swerve off the road.

2. Drowsy driving

A lesser-known driving danger is drowsiness. Drowsiness can cause people to suffer many of the same effects of drunkenness. It may also cause drivers to fall asleep behind the wheel. It’s often harder to tell if a driver was drowsy before an accident because accident victims often experience adrenaline rushes.

3. Distracted driving

Distracted driving is growing to be one of the biggest causes of auto accidents. People often become distracted while driving, but certain actions can be done to increase the risk of distracted driving. For example, most people carry phones that alert people of texts and calls. A text or call while driving may distract a driver.

4. Aggression

Many people struggle to control their emotions. If a driver suddenly becomes angry while driving, they may be more likely to speed, tailgate, brake check or engage in aggressive driving tactics.

5. Inexperience

Every driver was once inexperienced. Inexperienced drivers don’t have a strong understanding of how traffic works. As a result, one mistake or hesitation from a newly licensed driver could cause an accident.

An auto accident can cause serious life-long consequences. Victims of car accidents may need to learn about their legal options to ensure they’re compensated for their injuries and losses.

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