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3 types of distracted driving

Shawn E. McDermott

When it comes to distracted driving, texting and driving is perhaps the most well-known issue. Drivers need to stay focused on the road, and using a phone prevents them from doing that, even if they believe they can multitask and drive safely.

But why is it that phones are so dangerous? It’s because they cause three separate types of distracted driving at once.

What are the 3 types?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the three main types of distracted driving are manual distractions, visual distractions and mental distractions. One of these could cause an accident, and there are many cases when only one distraction happens at a time – such as the visual distraction of reading a billboard.

But with a cellphone, a driver who is looking at the screen is suffering from a visual distraction because they’re not looking at the road. If they’re holding the phone in their hand to manipulate it, even if their other hand is still on the wheel, that is a manual or physical distraction. Finally, the driver is using their phone for a purpose like typing a text message, programming GPS coordinates or taking a picture. No matter what it is, it takes mental energy, so that is a cognitive distraction.

Have you suffered serious injuries?

What this means is that your average driver who is texting behind the wheel is highly likely to cause a severe car accident that could leave you with life-changing injuries. In some cases, injuries are so severe that they constitute a disability, and you may not be able to return to work. It’s very important to understand all of your legal options to seek compensation at a time like this.

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