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What qualifies as a long-term disability (LTD)?

Shawn E. McDermott

As people grow older they have a higher risk of developing medical illnesses, catching a disease or injuring themselves. These health conditions can disrupt a person’s daily routine. That’s why there are disability benefit plans available.

While some illnesses and injuries can quickly heal, other medical conditions may last for a lifetime. People who are experiencing life-long health concerns may apply for long-term disability (LTD) insurance. What is a long-term disability plan, exactly? What types of conditions qualify for payment? Here’s what you should know:

LTD plans protect your future against health problems

Long-term disability plans often provide people under 75 years of age with monthly payments to help with care and health insurance payments. Disability applicants could receive 70% of their salary in benefits. However, it can take several months (or longer) to collect on the benefits you are due.

You’ll likely have to go to your doctor for additional information if you’re planning to apply for LTD. Some medical conditions are prequalified for LTD and may include:

  • Cancer: A disease that could cause cells to grow indefinitely in many parts of the body
  • Speech and sense impairment: Muteness, deafness or blindness, which may require the aid of a worker or support animal
  • Skin diseases: Chronic skin infection, bullous disease, severe dermatitis or genetic photosensitivity
  • Mental disorders: Major depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD or learning and intellectual impairments
  • Immune system disorders: Diseases and genetic conditions that may affect major organs

Sometimes, insurance workers don’t understand the severity of a person’s medical condition and may deny a claim without further proof. Or, they don’t realize that you can have a longstanding condition that suddenly worsens in severity due to your age, comorbidities or stress. If you believe you qualify for long-term disability benefits but your claim was denied, you may need to reach out for legal help to get your claim approved.

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