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May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Shawn E. McDermott

May marks the start of Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM), a campaign started and sponsored by the nonprofit organization Life Happens. The goal of DIAM is to educate the public about their risk of disability and inspire them to invest in disability insurance coverage.

While insurers and others have rallied around DIAM, however, some critics have pointed out that, if disability insurance companies were as diligent about honoring their policies as they are about encouraging people to get disability insurance, Disability Insurance Awareness Month would truly be something worth celebrating.

5 Facts for Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Before delving into the criticism of the DIAM, first, we’ll reveal some interesting and important facts that the insurance industry has pointed out in promoting DIAM:

  1. The average worker has a 25 percent chance of becoming disabled at some point during his working career.
  2. Two of the leading causes of disabilities are joint disorders and musculoskeletal conditions, and there has been a surge in workers developing these impairments over the past 5 years.
  3. About 75 percent of people believe that they would not be able to pay their bills for more than one year without any income.
  4. The average time that people have to take off of work for a disability is 2.6 years.
  5. Disability insurance can provide workers with financial support if they are unable to return to work after being disabled or injured.

DIAM: What Insurers Are Not Saying (or Doing)

Disability Insurance Awareness Month seems to be a promotional and sales vehicle for the insurance industry. What these insurers are not telling the public during DIAM, however, is that, when it comes time to file claims against disability insurance policies, getting benefits can be an uphill battle for people.

In fact, as some critics have pointed out, disability insurance companies can and do:

  • Draw out the claims process, including their investigations of claims
  • Find minor (if not suspicious) reasons for devaluing or denying policyholders’ claims
  • Make it difficult for legitimately disabled people to obtain the benefits that insurers are contractually obligated to provide them.

You Can Trust a Denver Disability Insurance Lawyer at McDermott Law, LLC

Has your disability insurance claim been denied? If so, you can turn to Denver Disability Insurance Lawyer Shawn E. McDermott for experience in standing up to insurers and help in obtaining the benefits you likely deserve. Dedicated and experienced, Shawn McDermott has a record of success when it comes to helping people:

  • Navigate the complexities of the claims process
  • Fight denied insurance claims
  • Stand up to insurers
  • Secure the full amount of benefits to which they are entitled.

To learn more about how the disability insurance attorneys at McDermott Law, LLC can help you, set up a complimentary consult with our office today by calling us at 303-964-1800 or by emailing us using the contact form on this screen.

From our offices in Denver, we provide the highest quality legal services to disabled people throughout the state of Colorado, the surrounding states and nationwide.

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