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Can strong medical evidence prevent a disability claim denial?

Shawn E. McDermott

Many insurance companies that provide short-or-long-term disability coverage are notorious for denying valid claims. Sometimes, the claim denial might be an act of bad faith. Other times, the lack of supporting evidence can lead to a denied claim.

Although disability insurers typically deny claims upon the initial filing, you can make a denial harder by providing a strong chain of evidence. Irrefutable medical evidence, for example, can do much to bar an outright claim denial.

Building your medical evidence

The analyst in charge of your disability claim must review all provided evidence. However, it is often the medical details that get the most scrutiny. When it is time to file a disability claim, build your medical evidence with these tips.

  • Report all symptoms each time you visit a doctor to ensure they are well-documented.
  • See your doctors frequently to create a medical file that consistently supports your disability.
  • Undergo all the diagnostic testing procedures your medical team requests to help prove your disability.
  • Get second and even third medical opinions to further substantiate your claim.
  • Follow all treatment recommendations your medical team provides, as non-compliance could derail an otherwise legitimate claim.
  • Keep a journal or log detailing your medical appointments and the treatments prescribed by your physician.
  • Record all your prescribed medications and include their side effects to show how your drug regimen affects your ability to work.

The evidence above, combined with clinical documentation from your medical team, gives no room for good faith insurers to deny valid disability claims. If your claim results in denial anyway, this evidence can help you appeal the decision or pursue bad faith insurance litigation. Learning more about Colorado disability insurance claims can also help with your case.

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