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3 common tactics used by deceptive disability insurance companies

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Health Insurance

You may have been paying your disability insurance premiums without fail, expecting that you will be covered if you are injured or too sick to work. However, it may not be the case. The insurance company may play hardball when it is time to meet their end of the deal, leaving you in a very tight situation, physically and financially.

Some insurance companies use underhand tactics in a bid to make money. For example, they may frustrate you along the claims process or even deny your disability. Here are some typical devious schemes that such insurance companies may use.

Delaying the disability investigation process

After you have been disabled, the insurance company may delay establishing your disability. For instance, they may request unnecessary or duplicate documents to lengthen the whole process. Remember, they do not have to pay anything until it is established that you are indeed disabled. Additionally, it may discourage you from pursuing your claim due to the numerous paperwork requests.

Sending you for independent medical reviews

While independent medical reviews are meant to provide an unbiased opinion on the state of your disability, there may be a conflict of interest and misrepresentation of facts if the doctor is biased towards the insurance company. It means that your disability can be ruled out, absolving the insurance company of any financial obligation.

Changing your job description

Your insurance company may twist the narrative to fit their convenience by misrepresenting your daily tasks and claiming that you are not disabled under the policy. This will make you appear able to perform the key duties of your occupation or work in other roles that they deem similar to your previous one.

Protecting your legal rights

Getting legal guidance can help you stay aware of these and other deceptive tactics disability insurance companies use before filing your claim.