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What to expect at a life insurance exam

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Life Insurance

If you have loved ones who depend on you for financial support in Colorado, you might know that you need life insurance. After you pass on, the payout will be essential in paying the bills. Maybe you are worried that you’ll have to take a life insurance exam to qualify for insurance, or you are afraid of the results from the exam. Don’t let your worries prevent you from getting life insurance.

Why undergo an exam?

Life insurance claims benefit your loved ones a lot. A life insurance exam is a medical test carried out by an insurance company to determine your risk status. Additionally, the company needs to determine your life expectancy. The exam is a way to prevent healthy people from paying too much money, but applicants suffering from adverse health conditions and those with old age often pay for more. As an applicant, information about your medical history, driving records and hobbies will be collected.

The process during the medical exam

The medical exam takes from 15 minutes to an hour. Before the exam, the insurance company will inquire about your medical history. The examiner will then review these questions during the in-person exam. You should have these details at hand:

  • Medication for your past and current medical conditions
  • Addresses of medical doctors you’ve visited
  • Any medical conditions, diagnosis, treatment and the address of the treating physician
  • Driver’s license details

Additionally, your weight, height and blood pressure will be checked. To determine your blood cholesterol and sugar levels, you typically need to provide a urine and blood sample. These samples may be used to screen for drug use as well.

Most applicants above 50 years are subject to a painless electrocardiogram. The process is used to record your heart’s electrical activity. Some insurers might ask for an X-ray test. Most applicants above 70 must also undergo a cognitive test.

Do you need assistance with a life insurance claim? You may want to consult an attorney for further guidance.