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Considerations before filing an LTD appeal

| Oct 14, 2020 | Long-Term Disability and Combine Benefits with Claims

A disability can be an enormous detriment to the well-being of a Colorado resident. When a disability prevents a person from holding down a job and earning an income on which to live, the individual can find themselves falling behind on bills, unable to support their family, and slipping closer to financial ruin. Securing long-term disability support can be a critical component of survival.

When a rejection of a person’s long-term disability insurance claim is received, it can feel as though the world is turned upside down. However, individuals should know that they have rights and options to appeal. A knowledgeable disability benefits attorney can offer guidance and support to individuals in this situation, as this post provides no legal advice.

Appealing an LTD decision

When an individual receives a rejection notice regarding their long-term disability claim, that notice must include specific information. Particularly, it must an explanation of why the claim was not accepted. Individuals can request copies of the evidence that was used to support the rejection for their review.

Based on the contents of an LTD rejection, an individual and their attorney can formulate a strong and persuasive response. That response can include new medical evidence, non-medical evidence, and other sources of data that demonstrate the need for LTD support.

Getting the help an individual needs

Getting an appeal through the LTD rejection process can be arduous and time-consuming. During the battle, an individual may lose hope that they will ever get the result that they so desperately need to live their life. For these reasons, having an knowledgeable legal advocate in one’s corner can have a profound impact on the outcome of their appeal. There are no guarantees in the law, but legal support from dedicated disability support attorneys can provide information, peace of mind, and advocacy for those in need.