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2 tips when you’re filing a disability insurance claim

Shawn E. McDermott

Disability insurance protects workers who are unable to work due to their medical condition. Employers offer this insurance type as a short-term disability (STD) policy, covering you immediately, or a long-term disability (LTD) policy, replacing your income should the condition keep you from working beyond the short-term disability benefits period.

Alternatively, you may purchase a long-term policy from an insurance company by yourself. This is individual disability insurance and is mostly purchased by employees who want extra coverage and those who are self-employed.

When you get a disability that keeps you from work, you need to file a claim to receive the benefits. The following are two tips for filing a disability insurance claim:

1. Gather your medical records

An insurer will go through your medical records to determine if you have a disability that makes it impossible to work to approve your claim. Thus, you need to gather all your medical records, including documents explaining the physical and mental limitations that restrict you from working, medical tests and their results, doctor’s reports and details of the treatment.

2. File your documents right away

Once you realize you have a disability, inform your employer or reach out to the insurer if you have an individual policy immediately. This gives you adequate time to fill out forms, gather needed evidence and follow up on the claim. Processing disability insurance benefits may take longer, and you don’t want delays in submitting documents to make the process lengthier.

Having solid evidence and acting sooner may help you receive disability benefits. However, at times, a claim may be denied. If this is your case, consider your options to get the benefits you deserve.

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