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The disability legal system is not easy to navigate. It can take months to fill out and submit paperwork only to hear that your application has been denied due to a preventable error. Attempting to seek disability benefits on your own can be a daunting task. When you believe you should qualify for disability, contact a Pueblo disability law attorney to advocate for you.

McDermott Law, LLC, is the firm to contact when you’re in need of a fierce advocate. We understand the complexities of the disability system and know how to handle your unique situation. We can help you with numerous steps, such as completing error-free paperwork, appealing denied disability claims, and fighting for personal injury compensation. Hiring our firm means you have gained a reliable partner in your fight.

Helping You With Every Disability Case Type

Your disability can keep you out of work, making disability compensation critical to your safety and well-being. At McDermott Law, LLC, we have experience in a variety of disability claims, such as:

  • Long-Term Disability: Private insurance policies purchased through an individual or an employer should provide benefits when you need them. If you have one of these policies, become disabled, and cannot work for an extended period, you have rights. We can help you examine your policy and understand when you have a valid claim.
  • Personal Injury: When you develop a disability from workplace negligence, a defective product, a car accident, or a slip and fall, you may have a personal injury claim. We can help you seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.
  • Insurance Disputes and Insurance Bad Faith Claims: “Bad faith” refers to an insurer’s actions that are unfair or unreasonable. This term can refer to denying a claim without proper investigation, making much too low settlement offers, or making unclear, delayed payments.
  • ERISA Claims and Appeals: Some people receive a denial when seeking disability benefits under their employer’s health plan. In this case, ERISA, or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, mandates that they have the right to appeal the decision.
  • Individual Disability Insurance: We know how to translate your complex private disability insurance policy from complicated legal jargon into terms you can understand and fight for when needed. Our team can help you get the benefits from the organization required to give them to you.

Why Can Disability Approval Be So Difficult?

Disability approval can be tricky without professional knowledge of how to navigate the disability legal system successfully. The obstacles of disability applications and claims can easily overwhelm people seeking what they believe they are owed. Here is a closer look at common barriers:

  • Understanding Requirements

In terms of the definitions of disability that can keep you out of work, some organizations assume that a condition needs to prevent an individual from performing basic work functions like walking, sitting, or lifting. This strict definition proves difficult for people with a condition that prevents them from working but in a way that is outside the requirements.

  • Gathering Evidence

Constructing a solid case requires extensive evidence collection when seeking benefits, workers’ compensation, private disability insurance, or other disability rights. While some people may have access to years of medical records and documentation, many do not. Even those who do may have difficulty acquiring employer documentation, witness statements, or other applicable evidence.

  • Fighting Insurance Denials

Claim denials frequently occur when insurance companies prioritize their bottom line over customers’ well-being. Without legal representation, negotiating with these entities to get the compensation you deserve is extremely difficult.

McDermott Law, LLC, has experience navigating these obstacles. Do not face these challenges alone. We can dispute your disability denial so that you do not have to.

Seeking Help From a Disability Law Attorney

We know the physical, emotional, and financial toll that a disability can take on your life. The intricacies of the disability legal system can add unnecessary stress when seeking benefits. Our qualified legal team can make a significant difference in your fight for compensation. We can provide the following advantages:

  • We Take the Lead So You Can Focus on Recovery

Disability claims involve complicated forms, strict deadlines, and confusing regulations. We have the knowledge to efficiently handle this process. Our methods ensure you submit your application, claim, or appeal correctly and on time. You can focus on your health and that of your loved ones, knowing your case is in good hands.

  • Building Cases That Win

Strong disability cases rest on accurate medical evidence. Comprehensive evidence will show your documented disability and how it limits your ability to work. We work tirelessly with you to gather everything your claim needs, including medical records, professional opinions, and other relevant supporting information.

  • Representing You in the Face of Adversity

Fighting for your disability rights can mean advocating for you in the face of employers, insurance companies, and government agencies. We ensure that the correct individuals hear your desires and that they understand your needs at every stage of the process.

  • Maximizing Your Compensation

The types and amounts of benefits you may receive because of your disability vary widely. While you may be seeking benefits, you may not know that you have private disability insurance or other benefits available. McDermott Law, LLC, can help you identify all potential sources of compensation you are entitled to. We work with you to secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

  • Skilled Negotiation for Settlements

It takes years to become experienced enough to negotiate effectively with employers or insurance companies. Securing a fair settlement from these organizations can be nearly impossible without legal help. Our disability attorneys have fought for maximum settlements for people all over Colorado.

  • Your Representative in Court

When a fair settlement cannot be reached, we can help take your case to court. We take pride in our proven track record of fighting in courtrooms across Colorado. McDermott Law, LLC, has advocated for our clients against organizations attempting to withhold what they deserve.


What Is the Fee a Long-Term Disability Lawyer Will Charge?

The fee that a long-term disability lawyer will charge can depend on many factors. Many lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning there is no charge upfront or if no benefits are won. If you do win a settlement or benefits, your long-term disability lawyer will take a percentage, which can vary. You should speak with your lawyer about their fees before you agree to hire them.

How Do You Get Disability in Colorado?

You receive disability in Colorado by having your application approved by the proper channels. The most critical step in obtaining disability benefits is filling out an appropriate and timely application accompanied by a doctor’s documented medical evidence. If the agency finalizes your application and sets a benefit amount, you will start receiving disability benefits.

The process can take months, if not longer, which is why it is wise to retain the services of an attorney. If you face a denial from certain agencies, you can appeal.

What Are Four Examples of Reasonable Accommodations That Can Be Made for Persons With Disabilities?

The Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) determines the reasonable accommodations that can be made for persons with disabilities in Colorado. The ADA is a federal law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities regarding employment and public services and accommodations. Examples of reasonable accommodations per the ADA include:

  • Modifying work tasks or equipment,
  • Developing flexible work schedules or leave policies,
  • Ensuring an accessible workplace, or
  • Providing assistive technology.

What Is the ADA Policy in Colorado?

Colorado’s ADA policy is the same as that of other states. The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits any business or organization in Colorado from discriminating against people with disabilities. Qualifying companies or organizations must not discriminate in employment, public services and accommodations, telecommunications, and other areas.

Additionally, Colorado has the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA), which covers areas not covered by the federal ADA, such as housing.

In accommodating people with disabilities, the accommodations must not impose hardship on the accommodating business.

Who Is Eligible for PERA Disability Benefits in Colorado?

In Colorado, public and governmental employees are eligible for PERA disability benefits. For example, public school teachers, judges, and state troopers who work in the state are PERA members. The qualifications for benefits will differ based on whether you’re seeking short-term disability or disability retirement.

For STD, you must be unable to perform your current job. You also cannot be able to work any job in which you would make 75% of your current salary. For disability retirement, you must be permanently unable to work any job where you would make 75% of your current wages.

Get Disability Law Help in Pueblo

Do not let the complexities of the disability process add to the burden you already carry. Our team understands the challenges of disability claims and appeals, and our experienced Pueblo disability lawyer has the knowledge and compassion to fight for your compensation. Let us handle your disability process so you can focus on your health. Contact McDermott Law, LLC, today to find out how we can help you in Pueblo.

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