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The legalities of obtaining disability compensation are complex. Without the help of a professional, it can be nearly impossible to navigate. The immense knowledge and energy required to file paperwork, gather medical evidence, and follow processes to obtain a successful result can take a toll on those seeking compensation within their rights. With the help of a Grand Junction disability law attorney, you can have someone to advocate for what you deserve.

McDermott Law, LLC, fights tirelessly for our clients in Colorado. We take pride in filing the necessary paperwork, gathering medical evidence, and decreasing our clients’ workloads. Our experienced lawyers can advocate for the disability benefits or compensation you need.

Fighting for You

Getting the benefits you deserve can be difficult. If you are out of work and need the compensation you are owed, we can help. McDermott Law, LLC, has knowledge and experience covering many types of disability cases, including:

  • Long-Term Disability: This claim is for individuals who have a disability that prevents them from working their job or another job for an extended period. These benefits should be provided by an employer-sponsored plan or individual policy. You may have a valid claim if you are not receiving benefits from your policy.
  • Personal Injury: Personal injury or wrongful death claims arise from situations surrounding accidents or negligence of another party. If these injuries limit your ability to work, you may have a valid disability claim. You could receive compensation, including, but not limited to, lost wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering.
  • Doctor and Dentist Disability Claims: When you have purchased a policy to protect yourself, and the insurance company denies your disability claim, contact us. We can help you seek what you are owed after your injury or disability prevents you from helping others by performing your job.
  • Insurance Disputes and Insurance Bad Faith Claims: If you believe your insurance company acted in bad faith or recklessly disregarded your rights, you may have a bad faith claim. These claims can stem from unreasonable claim denials, delayed payments, or unfair settlement offers.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance: This type of insurance is meant to pay family members benefits in the case of accidental death or dismemberment. If your loved one had an accidental death, and your claim was denied, this can make an already difficult situation even worse. Our team can help you fight for your right to compensation.
  • ERISA Claims and Appeals: Employer-sponsored health plans should provide benefits if an employee is out of work due to employer negligence. If you claim benefits or have been denied, you may have a right to appeal through ERISA, the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act. This law oversees employer-sponsored health plans.
  • Individual Disability Insurance: Private disability insurance policies are separate from employer-provided plans. While these policies may offer benefits if you become unable to work, they are typically complex and difficult to understand. We can help you understand what coverage you purchased and how to fight for what you deserve.

Difficulties Getting Disability Approval

Difficulties commonly arise when navigating the disability system in Colorado. These difficulties can leave people feeling overwhelmed and upset after months without progress toward their goals:

  • Disability Definition Complications

If you seek benefits, the definition of disability may be so strict that your application could be denied, even if you are out of work due to your condition.

An organization could allege that your condition does not entirely limit essential work functions, such as walking, standing, or lifting. A successful case requires extensive medical records that prove the severity of your disability’s limitations.

  • Burden of Proof Issues

There are many layers of complexity when seeking worker’s compensation. In cases like these, you need to prove that your injury stemmed from job duties. While your injuries or illnesses may have stemmed directly from your work, employers might dispute the accuracy of your claims and stall your claim’s progress.

Additionally, insurance claims may involve proving insurers acted in “bad faith” when denying your claim. Employee discrimination cases require evidence that an employer intentionally discriminated against you due to your disability. These scenarios require such a high burden of proof that individuals can face a seemingly insurmountable hurdle.

We know how to help you overcome these obstacles. We can build your most robust case, negotiate with relevant parties, and represent you in court when necessary. McDermott Law, LLC, can help you find the most straightforward path to compensation.

A Disability Law Attorney Can Help Guide You

Attempting to secure disability compensation should not add to the complexities you already face due to your disability. Our experienced disability attorneys have the knowledge and resources to fight for the benefits you deserve.

Streamlining the Process for You

Securing compensation can feel impossible when faced with mountains of paperwork, rigid deadlines, and confusing regulations. Working with us means that you can relax while we do the work for you. We have the skills needed to navigate even the most complex disability law, and you will have the time you need to focus on your health and well-being. McDermott Law, LLC, can ensure that our team submits your claim or appeal accurately and efficiently.

Crafting the Strongest Case for Your Rights

You need comprehensive medical evidence to have a substantial disability claim or appeal. Gathering this alone can be a lengthy venture that might lead to minimal results. We work diligently to gather medical records, professional reports, witness statements, and limitation evaluations when on the case. This objective evidence will be vital in overcoming obstacles like stalling steps and potential denials from insurance companies, government agencies, or employers.

Your Protection Throughout the Process

It may be difficult to imagine dealing with insurance companies, past employers, or government agencies alone. At McDermott Law, LLC, our team members are your advocates, and we protect your rights throughout the process. We can provide you with compassionate, steadfast representation during negotiations, hearings, or appeals. When conflicts arise, we aggressively protect your interests.

Maximizing Your Compensation

While the types and amounts of disability benefits can vary widely, some people do not understand the possible compensation available to them. We can help you understand your entire range of eligible benefits and seek the maximum amount. Our disability attorneys know how to fight for the financial support you need during this challenging time.

Skilled Negotiation and Representation

Negotiating a fair settlement can be difficult. Insurance companies often resist awarding everything that they are required to cover. When you need compensation, we do not settle for less than you deserve.

Because of our extensive legal experience, we know how to negotiate aggressively and fight for compensation that properly reflects the impact of your disability. We can represent you in court if the parties cannot agree on compensation amounts. Our proven track record shows our commitment to securing our clients’ deserved compensation.


What Qualifies You for Disability in Colorado?

There are many qualifications for disability in Colorado, and to assess your situation and qualifications correctly, you should speak with an experienced disability attorney. Depending on the type of disability you’re seeking, you could qualify by:

  • Meeting the definition of disability,
  • Providing suitable medical evidence, and
  • Having valid and sufficient work history.

An agency may look at other factors to determine the amount of disability benefits you will receive per month.

What Is the Employment Disability Law in Colorado?

Employment Disability Law in Colorado comes from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA). These two laws protect a person with disabilities from discrimination in employment, including hiring, firing, promotions, training, and benefits. Employers must also provide reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.

An employer’s accommodations must not impose hardship on the business or business owner.

How Hard Is It to Get Disability in Colorado?

Getting disability in Colorado can sometimes be difficult due to the complex application and eligibility requirements. Agencies provide strict definitions of disability and work standards that must be met. Many applications get denied.

In a disability application, the administration requires thorough medical documentation to prove your limitations.

After receiving a denial, you can appeal, but that process is also complex and challenging. Enlisting a disability attorney’s help can ensure that you have a knowledgeable ally in your disability fight.

What Is the Easiest Condition With Which to Get Disability?

There is no easiest condition with which to get disability, and having a disability does not mean you will automatically receive disability benefits, as you will still need to apply. The applicable agency reviews each case extensively and examines many factors in your life.

Having severe impairments that prevent you from performing most basic work activities can meet the disability requirements.

Let McDermott Law, LLC, Be Your Advocate

Don’t let insurance companies or other agencies prevent you from securing the compensation you deserve. At McDermott Law, LLC, we have the knowledge, resources, and desire to fight for your rights in Grand Junction. We work to acquire evidence, build your case, and advocate for your rights. Contact our disability attorneys today to discuss how we can help you obtain the benefits you need.

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