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Denver Truck Accident Attorneys

Based in Denver, Colorado, the truck accident attorneys at McDermott Law, LLC, represent those affected by trucking accidents, including those who have lost a loved one and are seeking compensation for wrongful death. Following an accident, an experienced truck accident lawyer can be your advocate in court, leaving you free to recover from your ordeal.

Hiring an attorney soon after your accident gives you a fighting chance to recover the compensation you deserve. If you live in or near Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado, contact the truck accident lawyers at McDermott Law, LLC, for an honest assessment of your case.

Truck Accident Risk Factors

In Colorado, there are approximately 60 fatal truck-related accidents each year. Because of the size and weight of semitrucks, accidents involving these 80,000-pound vehicles cause many more serious injuries and deaths than accidents that solely involve automobiles.

Any of the following can contribute to a dangerous trucking accident:

  • Aggressive driving: To maintain their grueling schedules, truckers sometimes speed, tailgate or drive aggressively, putting the drivers of cars at risk.
  • Failure to inspect tires, brakes and lights: Any faulty equipment on a truck can lead to an accident. Faulty brakes, for example, are a frequent culprit in devastating trucking accidents.
  • Alcohol/drug abuse: In surveys of truck drivers, an alarming number had marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine or another drug in their system. Even a small amount of a substance can dangerously impair a truck driver.
  • Lack of qualifications: In their quest for profits, trucking companies have been known to put drivers on the road who lack adequate training in the safe operation and maintenance of their vehicles.
  • Fatigued or distracted drivers: Truck drivers are often sleep-deprived because of demanding deadlines imposed on them by their trucking company. In addition, truck drivers can be distracted just like any driver – but instead of driving a 3,000-pound car, truck drivers control an 80,000-pound semitruck.
  • Failure to stop in time: Huge trucks take much more distance to stop or slow down compared to an automobile. In many tragic cases, a truck driver has failed to stop in time and has plowed into other vehicles.

Taking On Trucking And Insurance Companies

Following a trucking accident, the trucking company will often unleash teams of investigators and attorneys. The trucking company’s insurance companies will send out insurance adjusters who have one goal: to pay as little as possible to the victim of the accident. The allies of trucking companies are also infamous for deliberately intimidating the victims of trucking accidents and coercing them to say or sign things that can be held against them later.

Trucking companies have teams of experienced professionals working on their behalf. If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is absolutely vital to hire an experienced lawyer who knows the ins and outs of complicated trucking accident cases. Only an experienced truck accident attorney can protect your rights, effectively represent you against a trucking company and its insurance adjusters, and achieve a favorable result in court.

Begin Your Truck Accident Claim

If you have been injured in a truck accident or a loved one has been killed, you have the right to pursue damages. Any of the following parties can be sued:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The owner of the trailer
  • The shipper
  • Any other party who contributed to the accident in any capacity (for example, the manufacturer of the truck)

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