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If you worked your entire life and are now not in the workforce due to a disability or an injury, you have rights. Instead of making it easier for you to receive benefits, the disability legal system is complicated and can make an already complex situation harder. You need a Greeley disability law attorney to protect and advocate for your right to what you deserve.

Consulting with McDermott Law, LLC, can ensure that someone hears, understands, and respects your situation. We fight for the disability rights of people all over Colorado. Whether you need help filling out paperwork, appealing a previous decision, or handling an insurance claim, we are here.

The Complexities of Disability Approval

Many people feel lost when trying to deal with disability claims or appeals in Colorado. Whether it’s worker’s compensation or private disability insurance, getting the benefits you deserve can be a struggle. At McDermott Law, LLC, we have experience with any challenge you may come across. Here are some common roadblocks our clients face before contacting us:

  • Strict Disability Definitions

There are strict definitions of disability for those seeking benefits. People often receive denials without understanding why insurers or employers rejected their condition, leaving them confused and disheartened.

Some organizations define applicable disabilities as those that hinder someone’s ability to perform basic work functions like walking, sitting, and lifting. A significant issue can arise when your condition prevents you from working, but you do not have enough evidence to satisfy the requirements.

  • Difficult-to-Meet Burden of Proof

There are many types of disability claims, and most have very high burdens of proof. Worker’s compensation and employment discrimination are two claims that require a significant burden of proof and are hard to acquire. Also, proving an insurance company acted in “bad faith” when denying your claim can be overwhelming.

Our team knows how to overcome these obstacles and get you what you deserve.

Why You Need a Disability Law Attorney

Disabilities can significantly impact your life. From physical to financial factors, the problems you face may seem overwhelming. At McDermott Law, LLC, we take the stress out of navigating the legal system so you can focus on your health and well-being. We make a real difference in your fight for your disability rights, whether by handling paperwork or representing you in the courtroom. We can also help you in the following ways:

  • Streamlining the Disability Process

While some people assume that obtaining disability compensation is simple, people who have fought tirelessly for it know it is no easy task. Disability claims involve complex paperwork, unclear rules, and strict deadlines. We help make your application, claim, or appeal process run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Understanding the Fine Print

Our attorneys are skilled in deciphering the intricacies of disability policies and regulations. We speak the complex legal language and explain it to you and relevant parties clearly and concisely. When you need clarification on what qualifies or disqualifies you for benefits, we help you understand so you can focus on your life.

  • Gathering Objective Evidence for Your Case

Objective and verifiable evidence is critical to a strong disability case. Disability attorneys can help you secure all necessary medical documentation. We help gather doctor’s reports, professional opinions, and functional capacity evaluations. Our team can also document witness testimonies and other evidence that supports your need for compensation.

  • Protecting Your Rights Throughout the Disability Process

You should not have to fight for your rights in the disability process. Our attorneys can be your most prominent advocates, answer all your questions, and give you clear guidance. When you have conflicts with employers or insurance companies, we can safeguard your interests and aggressively seek compensation.


Q: Do You Need a Lawyer to Get Disability in Colorado?

While you are not required to have a lawyer to seek disability in Colorado, a lawyer can significantly increase your chances of approval or a successful appeal. With a lawyer, you can take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Assistance in crafting the optimal application,
  • Understanding of the disability process and system, and
  • Potentially increasing your chances of approval.

How Long Does It Take to Get Disability in Colorado?

The length of time it takes to get disability in Colorado varies depending on numerous factors, including the workload of your local office and the complexity of your case. Initial applications can take months to review, and possible appeals can take even longer.

It is always wise to retain the services of an experienced lawyer to ensure that you accurately fill out your application, meet all deadlines, and have the necessary evidence. Correctly filing your application is the top way to reduce unnecessary lag times in your application process.

How Does Disability Work in Colorado?

Disability in Colorado works similarly to disability around the country. To receive benefits, you must qualify with an applicable disability and a sufficient work history. You must meet the criteria of the agency in question to be approved when you seek benefits. For most agencies, the length of time worked can be a critical factor.

After being approved, the agency you applied through determines your benefit amount based on aspects of your life. Unique to Colorado, the state offers Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND), a supplement to national disability benefits.

What Is the Disability Approval Rate in Colorado?

The disability approval rate in Colorado is difficult to determine for many reasons, not limited to incomplete applications being submitted and decisions being appealed after denial. In some cases, Colorado disability approval rates fall below the national average for initial applications, reconsiderations, and hearings.

If you seek to receive disability benefits, but are worried about the approval rate in Colorado, contact a disability attorney who can discuss your situation and your options.

Your Disability Lawyer in Greeley

When you seek disability in Colorado, an experienced disability attorney can help ensure that your claim or appeal has a higher chance of success. Our team can fight on your behalf within the Colorado disability system and act as your tireless advocates. Contact McDermott Law, LLC, for a consultation today.

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